Monday, January 2, 2012

Live in the home built for a prime minister for less than $100k!

Image courtesy Jennifer Jones
I find reading real estate listings interesting, even if I am not looking to buy or to sell real estate.  When I was looking over the listings in my home town of Sackville recently I came across the following very interesting line in the sale for a modestly priced (just under $100k) home that recently came on the market "The home was originally built for R.B. Bennett, our 11th Prime Minister of Canada."  If you want to read the complete listing check out this linkR. B. Bennett is one of Canada's lesser known former prime ministers, serving from 1930 to 1935 during the depths of the Great Depression.  Several books have been written about him, including one entitled Bennett: The Rebel who Challenged and Changed a Nation.  Among the many ideas that Bennett proposed during a relatively brief period as prime minister are progressive income tax, minimum wage, employment standards for number of working hours, and unemployment insurance (all part of his so called New Deal).  A New Brunswick teen is currently promoting the idea of a statue to R. B. Bennett, and has a petition to promote that cause. The R. B. Bennett name is most usually associated with Albert County (the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape has a considerable section on him, and the family still own an estate in Alma).  I was interested to learn that he also had an association with my home town of Sackville. Well known local historian, Dr. Bill Hamilton, tells some of the story of the association of the Bennett's with New Brunswick in a column available online. If you are interested in purchasing the property, contact Jennifer Jones (no not the one of curling fame!) by completing the form found here.  Jennifer Jones is a realtor with Royal LePage Metro. She has a superb virtual tour of the house up, if you want to have a look.  If seriously interested in purchase of the property, I am sure she would love to hear from you (her phone number is 506-229-7000).  The house is listed on the MLS system.


  1. I see that the asking price has been reduced on this house, which is now (Sept 2012) down to $70k. RLH

  2. This house is now listed as sold on the MLS system, so the chance to buy this little bit of history is now gone.... RLH